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The North Buncombe Middle School PTO organizes the annual Chilly Challenge to raise funding for the school and students, particularly in areas of academics and technology.  PTO funding supplements gaps in support and supplies for the school, teachers and students.
The Chilly Challenge brings two Weaverville schools together, with the race beginning at North Buncombe Middle School and looping through North Windy Ridge's beautiful, large campus nestled in the trees against an Appalachian mountainside. 
The race is a unification of Weaverville's business and residential community, with volunteers and participants from all sectors, showing their love and support for our cherished small-town school and students.
The Chilly Challenge is a labor of love for our school.  We are bursting with Blackhawk pride for our students, their beauty and potential, and the opportunity to help them succeed.




In the past, our NBMS art students have been responsible for hand-crafting the Chilly Challenge medals.

NBMS art teacher Urania Herrera-Caballero helps to create the design for our Chilly Challenge pottery medals and has led students in the annual medal creation.   


The medals are

art-friendly and


The North Buncombe Middle School community seeks to challenge and empower all members toward relevant emotional, physical, social and academic growth through positive relationships to maintain a culture of lifelong learning and excellence.
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